the hidden island

Discover the hidden history of Prince Edward Island - and how it's still relevant today.

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Wednesday Oct 27, 2021

Meet Canada's most prolific woman murderer: Mary "Minnie" McGee. Minnie McGee was born on PEI in 1875, and she lived a quiet life until 1912 when 6 of her children suddenly died of poisoning. Please note this episode contains explicit descriptions of infanticide, so it may not be suitable for all listeners.    Features guest interview Dr. Sharon Myers.

Wednesday Sep 22, 2021

Who doesn't love a great drinking story? For the final episode we go back to the late 1800s when prohibition was first introduced on PEI. Although prohibition lasted for 70 years on the island, you could still get your booze… if you knew where to go. From rumrunners to moonshine makers to speakeasy bars, we discover just how inventive islanders were in skirting the law for a good drink.   Features guest interviews: Dr. Heidi MacDonald, Reginald "Dutch" Thompson, J. Clint Morrison and Ken Mill.

Wednesday Sep 22, 2021

Islanders and the ocean have been connected for centuries, beginning with the Mi'kmaq who travelled in birch bark canoes. Before modern vehicles came into play, the water was basically a road. It was often quicker to travel by water than by horse and carriage - as we learn in this episode. But with the ocean comes danger. In this episode, we discover how many ships sunk off the coast of PEI - some as recent as the late 1900s.   Features guest interviews: Junior Peter-Paul, Georges Arsenault and Paul Gallant.

Wednesday Sep 22, 2021

Have you ever wondered what PEI looked like 290 million years ago? In episode 2, we explore PEI's geological history, beginning even before the time of dinosaurs, flowers, and birds. Learn about why our soil is red, how we were once at the centre of the world, and what incredible fossils have been found on the island.   Contact the provincial archaeologist by email ( or by phone (902-368-6895) if you believe you've found a fossil. Contact Parks Canada at 1-877-852-3100 for potential fossils found in PEI National Park.    Features guest interviews: Dr. John Calder, Bob Sweet and Samantha Kelly.

Wednesday Sep 22, 2021

In Part 2, we explore the concept of "islandness" and how it relates to the feeling of home, how nostalgic home can feel when you're stuck living off-island. We also touch a hot topic: do you have to be born an islander, or can you become one by choice? Finally, we talk about what keeps islanders away today, whether that's lack of work, racism and xenophobia, and the way PEI is slow to accept other people.   Features guest interviews: Dr. Laurie Brinklow, Georges Arsenault, Dr. Ed MacDonald, Isabelle Gallant and Thinh Nguyen.   Thinh's blog:  

Wednesday Sep 22, 2021

We start off season two at the beginning: the creation of Epekwitk told by Mi'kmaq legends. Skipping centuries here and there, we learn about the many people this island became home to and follow their patterns of migration. Whether expelled by the English in the mid-1700s, looking for work, or yearning for somewhere new, not all islanders stay on PEI. We explore what that looked like, and more importantly, what it meant for islanders to have to leave home throughout the centuries.   Features guest interviews: Riley Bernard, Georges Arsenault, Dr. Ed MacDonald.

Tuesday Aug 10, 2021

And we're back! Listen to our season two trailer, then return Sept. 22, 2021 to catch the entire season.

Friday Sep 04, 2020

Public statuary has been a part of the Prince Edward Island landscape for over a hundred years now, and yet there's a lack of women representation. In episode 1, we talk about the history of public statuary and monuments on the Island and why it's so difficult to find statues featuring women today. Features guest interviews: Dr. Edward MacDonald, Jane Ledwell, and Amanda Creamer.

Friday Sep 04, 2020

This Island has strong roots in storytelling, beginning with the Mi'kmaq people that inhabited Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island) thousands of years ago. In episode 3, we talk about this Island's history with storytelling among Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, and explore some Island ghost stories. Get ready to be spooked! Features guest interviews: Julie Pellissier-Lush, Eric Creamer, Brandi Coughlin, and Meg Preston.

Friday Sep 04, 2020

The 2SLGBTQIA+ community on Prince Edward Island has been campaigning for change and equal rights for decades. In episode 2, we explore the history of queer pride on the Island, and what it's like for members of the community today. Features guest interviews: Dr. Nola Etkin, Rory Starkman, Amanda Creamer, and Luke.   **Content warning: this episode contains homophobic slurs and mentions of sexual assault. Please take care of yourself while listening. PRIDE PEI: PEERS Alliance:


The hidden island is a podcast dedicated to exploring our past in new and unexpected ways. Discover the hidden history of Prince Edward Island - and find out why that history is still relevant today. Listen in on candid conversations with Islanders about the parts of our heritage that often go unmentioned in history books.

The PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation is an integral part of the Prince Edward Island community. We operate seven provincial museums and heritage sites across Prince Edward Island, providing Islanders and visitors alike with an opportunity to discover our province's heritage and culture.

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